Are you affiliated to any construction firm?

No. I only allow construction professionals including architects, engineers and contractors to deal with my readers who are interested in home designing and building in Sydney.

Are you a contractor?

No, I am not. I just created this blog to give information to anybody who is planning to have a renovation or build a new home. I also introduce some construction and design companies within Sydney in my blog posts.

Do you update your blog regularly?

Yes, absolutely. I try to post new articles at least every other day. I encourage home owners to share feedback or updates about the progress of their renovation / construction so potential clients will have an idea about manpower, expenses and process.

Do you share negative feedback about some construction teams or firms?

No. I only share negative stories but I cannot mention names of people or companies. The least I can do is remove their names from the list of builders and designers featured on my blog.

Do you recommend a specific company or contractor for those who are in need?

I share names of construction firms and professionals who are recommended by other clients. I also post photos of the finished product from the home owners. I let the readers decide and I do not endorse directly.

Are construction companies or individuals allowed to reply to the queries at the comments section asked by your readers?

Yes. They are welcome to post comments, suggestions or even leave their contact details for interested clients. Ouim is not responsible to any agreement made between the client and the contractor or any building professional.