I am James Jones, the author of this blog from Sydney, Australia. I started this blog in year 2006 just out of curiosity. I always wonder how many people in Sydney have questions regarding home building and designing. I have seen a lot of websites offering different home services from basic home restoration to total construction but I am afraid some facts are not clear especially to first timers.

The main purpose of my blog is to give insights about building services and recommend builders and other professionals needed for construction whether residential or commercial projects. This is not an ordinary website where you can only read about dos and don’ts in home building but I also include existing companies that are well known in the construction industry and some tips you can use to avoid home improvement scams.

This blog is perfect to those who are not comfortable talking to some consultants over the phone since contractors can answer queries posted on comments section right away or send complete quotations thru email upon request. Like other people, I am more convinced with direct to the point answers and coherent information about home renovation and building projects.

My blog is open to all construction companies, contractors, architects, engineers, clients and anybody who is interested in building and design not only in Sydney or other cities in Australia but anywhere in the world who can help and inspire potential clients and home improvement professionals.