How to choose the right construction team

Nowadays, it is really hard to know the legit builders and designers. In Sydney, many reports were made about fake construction firms and project scams. How would you know if these companies can be trusted?

  • Look for a business permit issued by the government. Many construction teams could offer a cheap labor fee because they are not registered and they do not pay taxes. Don’t take the risk, choose someone who can provide legal documents including agreements.
  • Ask for their portfolio. You should see the sample designs and houses they had built. Do not engage in any project without seeing their previous works.


  • Search for positive feedback and recommendations made by previous clients. Although, it is better to talk to anyone you know personally who had experienced having a renovation or any construction project. The word of mouth from past customers is a big factor.

Big construction companies are always featured in home building and design magazines. If you have enough budget for renovation, remodeling, expansion or any home services, choose the well-known teams or individuals. Home magazines will never include professionals who cannot be trusted at all. Although, these builders and designers may ask for upscale rates.

For those who doesn’t have much budget for construction, just follow the tips above. You can always search online especially on blogs. You can also go to the city government’s office to ask for a recommendation since they have a list of registered professionals.

In terms of Sydney Builders we recommend for house and land packages there is only 1, the team at Bell River Homes

Do I need to hire an architect and engineer for home construction

Do I need to hire an architect and engineer for home construction? A lot of people are confused about the roles of these professionals during home building. Some clients think they only need builders to create their dream houses while architects and engineers will only make the costs higher. But, are they really important?

Architects are designers, they think about functions of each space and the aesthetic appearance. They collaborate with the contractors and usually give orders to builders. In Sydney, architects are in demand. Most construction firms have their resident architects but there are also independent designers and planners around.

Structural engineers play a very essential role in framework building. They have to see if the components of the construction are durable and safe without spending more than the budget. Many clients consider having an engineer than an architect especially if the contractors can offer their own designs. Still, hiring a licensed engineer and architect are more advisable if security and stability matters to the home owners.

In Sydney, there are construction companies proposing complete services such as Hamec Design Studio which offers builders, architects and engineers. There are consultants or consulting agencies you can call if you need a part-time or contractual workers such as Ivory Group, a Sydney based recruitment firm dealing with home building professionals.

You can always inquire about cost and project duration with these teams for free. They might give you interesting package deals and suggestions for more effective architectural plans.

5 Things to consider before having a home renovation


it is important to know the total cost. Make sure you have an extra budget for some additional expenses that may come up during the renovation. Ask for the comprehensive contract price but never start the construction with an exact money on hand or else, the builders might discontinue the project for a while until you have enough funds. Know how much you can really afford.


set limits for renovation. Some contractors may offer you supplementary remodeling which may sound interesting, but you have to stick to your original plan especially if you don’t have much budget allotted for it. Distinguish what you want and need.

Construction team

Never hire contractors and builders just because they offer cheap services. Always ask around or get advices from people who just had a home renovation. In Sydney, some recruitment firms can help you find the best workers you need in case you don’t have any idea where to get one.


Not because the contractor will manage the project you will leave everything to him / her. You have to visit and check once in a while. If you are a busy person, be certain with your schedule before you start the renovation. You can also ask someone you trust like Additions Carport Brisbane to look after the progress when you are not available.


You might not realize the noise and mess you are making when having your home renovated due to excitement but you have to see if the neighbors are not affected by the project. Construction such as remodeling, renovation or adding extension requires permit from the city government and home owners association office to ensure safety and convenience among the workers, homeowners and the entire community.